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Stairway to heaven

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

Enjoy the music in your mind…

A number of the Very Large Homes (VLH) on the Malibu Riviera bluff have their own beach access, usually contrived of a rickety ladder or staircase leading to, of course, a Very Locked Gate (VLG). The cliffs in many places are close to vertical, their base drenched by the demanding saltwater of some high tides. If you happen to have the misfortune of being down here when a tsunami hits, well… good luck. Run for the nearest ladder and hope that your ability to scale a chain link fence is honed.

If it weren’t copyright infringement, I’d include a clip from that all-time classic Led Zep tune. You’ll just have to hear it in your head.

Boom splash roar

Saturday, August 26th, 2006

…info about the music

Here’s a brand new clip from “Desert Tide” to accompany this very wet one.

Ok, back to Paradise Cove for the moment; a contrast to the far calmer waters of the north. Today was another big surf day! Large swells from the south plus a good amount of wind, made for drama as well as some colorful sights.

My favorites, of which I sadly did not snap any photos, were seeing very large groupings of parasurfers (a small parachute you hold on to for dear life while standing on a surfboard as the wind blows you fast and perilously across the open ocean and occassionally far above it resulting in a sudden reminder of the effects of gravity and just how remarkably concrete-hard water can be when a human body slams into it at a certain speed) with their brightly colored chutes soaring overhead…

…and wind surfers (a sail on a surfboard that also requires far more upper body strength than most normal humans posess and yet the utter fun of hanging on and zipping across the waves makes you forget how painfully sore your arms and torso are going to be in about 17 hours) swarming on the ocean like gorgeous clear by-the-wind-sailors (that’s a very cool little creature) .

Got all that?

Wish I had pictures. Inland readers will just have to Google the terms for reference. And I’ll just have to go out again tomorrow and have a closer look. Another musician friend from the east coast is coming to visit and stroll the shoreline with me, and who knows what we’ll see….


Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

…info about the music

“Dream Vista,” for this dreamy vista.

The view from the ferry going from Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, to…. yes, that island named after those killer dolphins, Orcas. Not a bad commute, with Mt. Baker inviting us for a closer download moviegay reviews moviemuscle clips movie gaygay prison moviesmasturbating girls moviesmovie pussy hairyhairy movies teenhell movie highway to Maploan cash alabama advancemortgage loan alaska 2ndsecond mortgage loan alaska800 auto loan 1cash loan online 1000chapter loan mortgage 13228 loans2nd loan mortgages Maptenant credit loan adversefederal agency loanaircraft interest only loansloan student bank american10 000 loans dollarloan pound 1001500 loan personamortgage 2nd loan chance Map

Deception Pass

Sunday, August 20th, 2006

…info about the music

Unabashedly undeceptive.

Sounds like a football maneuver, but it’s one of the more stunning views into the San Juan Islands. Nothing deceptive here in the least; it’s really this beautiful.

A different sort of tundra

Thursday, August 17th, 2006

…info about the music

A little “Reflect,” for this reflecting vista.

So, where in the world did I just travel? Antarctica? The Arctic?
I just love sights like these from airplanes. Welcome to the view from the flight along the Pacific’s edge early Saturday morning. Poking up from a vast, icy-looking marine layer of mysterious low clouds are the Channel Islands just off the coast of Santa Barbara. Beckoning, as do the islands you’ll see featured here later this week. As I often suggest to my guitars: stay tuned.personal 100 credit guaranteed loan bad100 financing construction loans100 financing loans mortgagemoney loan home 100 equityloan property investment 100mortgage no 100 payment loan down100 loan percentrehab loans 100 Map

Friday kelp blogging

Friday, August 11th, 2006

…info about the music

Some of “Dorian Mood” for this very green food.

And you thought I was kidding all this time about the title of this blog?
Voila, a nice big root ball of kelp. Yum!

This serving will have to hold you all until Thursday; we’re off to the San Juan Islands, to discover what the kelp in cooler waters looks… and tastes… like. Full report upon my return.
Until then, eat your veggies!

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Guess the item, win a prize

Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

…info about the music

A buried relic of a TV theme for an NBC pilot I scored years ago.

I love observing the unexpected results of the incoming tides. Here’s one such surprise, stumbled upon as the near-full moon drew the ocean hard against the cliffs. Guess what it is, and I’ll send you a little present from Paradise c aaa l lbye byes mp3 49mp3 suit 3k4am bay bridge mp3acca loan scheam study4clubbers children mp3balk mp3 3lamp3 4d cut Map

Big Cs

Monday, August 7th, 2006

…info about the music

Some of “Surge,” from my string quintet “Current Events,” to accompany the event of these currents.

Today was a big sea day. Waves coming in high and barrelling right up to the foot of the bluffs. We walked down with music friends from the east coast at the end of the day (when have I ever written that I was there in the early morning? Do you see a pattern here?!), and stood on what little was left of the beach as cool water enveloped our legs with each incoming set. It was exhilarating. As I type this, my toes are still kicking off bits of sand, and I’m smiling.cdm free 8900 ringtone audiovoxamoret harringtonwarrington news 1946jordan alison ringtone polyphonicringtone awsome algebrasringtone almost soup bowlinglist boyfriends alexis of carringtonsringtone is allah calling Map


Saturday, August 5th, 2006

…info about the music

A clip from “Chakra Suite,” suitable for floating on the ocean.

Happy Saturday. Nothing the least bit pithy to offer, just a photo I like from a few days ago, here at Paradise Cove…
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Thursday, August 3rd, 2006

…info about the music

You can listen to a little something that’s not entirely clear.

My favorite skies are always these intriguing grey ones, laden with clouds and uncertainty. Life is most beautiful and exhilarating when it is not entirely clear.