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Some of “Surge,” from my string quintet “Current Events,” to accompany the event of these currents.

Today was a big sea day. Waves coming in high and barrelling right up to the foot of the bluffs. We walked down with music friends from the east coast at the end of the day (when have I ever written that I was there in the early morning? Do you see a pattern here?!), and stood on what little was left of the beach as cool water enveloped our legs with each incoming set. It was exhilarating. As I type this, my toes are still kicking off bits of sand, and I’m smiling.cdm free 8900 ringtone audiovoxamoret harringtonwarrington news 1946jordan alison ringtone polyphonicringtone awsome algebrasringtone almost soup bowlinglist boyfriends alexis of carringtonsringtone is allah calling Map

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