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Spring is here

Saturday, March 21st, 2015

[IMAGE] yellow jacket under cup

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A romantic theme for any lovers.

Well, Spring is finally here, and love is in the air.
And, on my window.
And, as in the pic above, under glass, until the trusty crew at Shapiro Insect Relocation Services, Inc. releases the hapless wanderer to the correct side of the viewing area.
Which, in the case of yellowjackets, is whatever side I am not on.

While taking the gazillionth photo out my window of yet another gorgeous day’s vision of sparkling seas and blue skies, I cursed at the big dark splotch of gunk on the left of my viewfinder.

[IMAGE] view splotch

Stepping back a few inches, I was embarrassed to discover that I had been an unintentional voyeur into the sex life of whatever kind of fly genus these two lovers belong to.
I was a larva lookie-loo.
A pupa paparazzi.
An imago imager of flies in flagrante.

Far more fascinated than ashamed, I offered the couple an entomology apology (an entomapology?), and stepped closer again.
This time I focused.

[IMAGE] insect love

[IMAGE] insect love

Kelpville readers know of my odd delight watching the creatures around me hunt and eat.
Add another normal function to that list.

Oh look: they’ve changed position.

[IMAGE] insect love