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Here’s a brand new clip from “Desert Tide” to accompany this very wet one.

Ok, back to Paradise Cove for the moment; a contrast to the far calmer waters of the north. Today was another big surf day! Large swells from the south plus a good amount of wind, made for drama as well as some colorful sights.

My favorites, of which I sadly did not snap any photos, were seeing very large groupings of parasurfers (a small parachute you hold on to for dear life while standing on a surfboard as the wind blows you fast and perilously across the open ocean and occassionally far above it resulting in a sudden reminder of the effects of gravity and just how remarkably concrete-hard water can be when a human body slams into it at a certain speed) with their brightly colored chutes soaring overhead…

…and wind surfers (a sail on a surfboard that also requires far more upper body strength than most normal humans posess and yet the utter fun of hanging on and zipping across the waves makes you forget how painfully sore your arms and torso are going to be in about 17 hours) swarming on the ocean like gorgeous clear by-the-wind-sailors (that’s a very cool little creature) .

Got all that?

Wish I had pictures. Inland readers will just have to Google the terms for reference. And I’ll just have to go out again tomorrow and have a closer look. Another musician friend from the east coast is coming to visit and stroll the shoreline with me, and who knows what we’ll see….