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Click on the blue music icon above to hear a clip of “Shiny Kiss,” to accompany the moon kissing the mountain ridge.

Look up wherever you happen to be this evening: our local rocky satellite in the sky will be reflecting lots of sunlight back to us at night. How cool is that?
Paradise Cove is a south-facing beach, and we get some very wonderful sun- and moon-rises. Charles and I stood on the damp sand at twilight and as we watched all that green cheese rapidly come into view over the Santa Monica mountains, we allowed ourselves to really feel the earth spinning forward.

Living here, I am profoundly aware of existing on a constantly moving object. Growing up in New York City those first 21 years, I never saw moonrises or stars or too much sky at one time. I didn’t have a sense of living on a planet; my dominant perception of the world was geared toward All Things Man-Made. And it all gave me great comfort. My world and values were reflected in the mica mixed into the sidewalk concrete as I looked downward and walked fast through the city streets on my way to somewhere that must have been important to me at the time.

Now, the most important place for me to be is right here. My values are reflected in a very shiny place inside my heart that is connected to everything I see around me.

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