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New Happy Year

Sunday, December 31st, 2006

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Toot, toot, hooray!

The title says it all. And 12 months ago I decided to say this and more to you, whoever “you” happens to be from week to week out there in the e-world.

I’ll be back shortly with further musings on the other side of 2007, but here’s how all it began exactly one year ago.add to lg ax380 ringtonesheatherington alicesouth yerington 509from warrington adopted 1940swarrington adopted from 1920stelus krzr to adding ringtonesbarrington ride allstate motorcyclecatherington lane a photo of Map

Airborne commentary

Thursday, December 28th, 2006

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They’re coming! They’re coming!

Some welcome rain, a bracing cold front and lots of wind teamed together to bring us today’s late afternoon view.

Gazing south across the Santa Monica Bay to Los Angeles, it almost looks as though something unsettling and newsworthy has occurred.

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No service

Tuesday, December 26th, 2006

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A little ditty for our little host.

C’mon down, take off yer shoes, relax!
Done. I never bother with footwear, anyway.
But…. what? No service??
And I’m STILL standing here, waiting for a table….

Friday Catabunga!

Friday, December 22nd, 2006

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Some groovy music for this pale surfer dude.

Well, one of the upsides to still being in Malibu is that Smudge can get a little more surfing in!

Waiting a little longer than expected

Sunday, December 17th, 2006

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An old excerpt called “The White Horse,” for this personal rescue.

The stormy skies and mountains above were supposed to have been those of the Pacific Northwest. Due to unforeseen circumstances, they are instead the glorious view yesterday, from our sailboat at dock in the Santa Barbara Harbor. Not quite as far up the coast as we had expected to be this weekend.

Apparently, throwing a big g’bye party for sixty of one’s closest pals and giving away most of your furniture is a sure-fire way to ensure that any flies in the room will zoom right into the ointment. Tuesday morning, a mere three days before Charles, Moses, Smudge and I were to move our multi-pawed lives 1000 miles to the north, we were informed that the buyers decided that they didn’t want the place. The two couples, who were buying our home as a shared weekend beach house, succumbed to some petty inter-friendship bickering, and the result is that Charles and I will be enjoying a lot of unexpected free time this month in a remarkably empty, über-Zen living/dining room! It actually looks great, and we know that we’ll sell the place and get on with things, but this sudden change of plans is… uh… dynamic, to say the least.

So: onward. This deal was not meant to be, and we’re sure that a better one will appear. Soon, we hope, since we’re still glowing with the psychological momentum that such a move inspires. We’re extremely fortunate to have not yet entered into escrow on a house we’ve been negotiating for on San Juan Island. And, now we’re in a calm, streamlined position: all but packed, and every inspection, estimate and repair accomplished. Now all we have to do is add a new buyer, just add water and stir, and voila! Escrow #2.

I realize that after the big party last weekend, and what with everyone assuming that by now we’d be outta town, I could pull a Federal witness relocation number and not tell anyone that we’re still here. The phone would stop ringing, I could catch up on sleep, and steep myself in a slew of new compositions. Maybe I’m missing a golden opportunity by letting anyone know the truth!


Monday, December 11th, 2006

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Music to wait by.

I feel like this tennis ball. Staring out to an endless horizon, waiting for the tide to come in and sweep me away across distant waters…


Friday, December 8th, 2006

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Layers of sound for these layers of sandstone.

Assuming all goes smoothly, this is the final week that I’ll call this particular paradise home. At least, in the immediate, physical sense. Like this cliff, my history is built from many layers deposited right here. And despite the flooding waves of change, I don’t see those layers eroding any time soon.

I think that the significant places where we’ve arranged our books and furniture remain home to us throughout our lives, regardless of what our address says. As I prepare to shift my existence 14 degrees latitude to the north, I am deeply aware of the layers of happiness and depth of creativity that have composed my life for many years in this spot. The geology of joy.

My own private Ireland

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

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A movement from my “Piano Suite No. 1”.

Winter’s full moon brings a wonderfully low afternoon tide. The water pulls back and lets the ocean share its intertidal secrets, the most colorful of which is a soggy lawn of spectacular sea grass. It’s also called eel grass, probably because it’s so slippery that many an unwary tidepooling tourist has experienced the true meaning of gravity.

For me, low tide is a passport to another part of the planet. No security lines, shoe removal or 1-quart plastic baggie necessary. It’s reassuring to know that some sanity still exists, right here.enna aanan mp3aal mp3 afasyaage piche mp3 doltemp3 maligai aayarpadi30gb mp3 cheapaas mp3 pasaanch mp3 tumhareaala babi mp3 Mapazu loan africancredit loan allegacy unionstreet london 17 sloane 9nu sw1xsloane systems a-transall-in-one michigan construction loanthe fifties during alfred p sloanalgebra amortized loanameriloan address box o p Map

Friday cat tailing

Friday, December 1st, 2006

…info about the music

The title of this clip has absolutely nothing to do with the photo, but the music seemed appropriately calm.

Lots of snow across the country. None in Malibu as best I can tell, but it’s been nippy here the past few nights. Good time to curl up together, and if you happen to have been born with a fur coat… even better. Happy December!

Moving experiences

Monday, November 27th, 2006

…info about the music

Something with a sonic vista, from a little film I scored over a decade ago.

My life is a-flutter with about a zillion (round number) preparations that are involved in moving people, cats, and assorted physical stuff a thousand miles north. This exercise is not for the faint of heart. But it’s great fun. Just to keep things interesting, we’re juggling multiple escrows at once: sailboat and slip in Santa Barbara, sailboat up north. Malibu house, island house. Not to mention movers, inspectors, RV and house rentals… I’ve organized countless large-scale events over the years without batting an eye, but I admit that this move is making my brain ache.

So what to do for an aching brain? Well, my answer is to either play music or play in the sand. There’ll be plenty of opportunity this coming year for me to share the beauty of the San Juan Islands on this blog, so I’ll refrain from posting too many recent photos from up there for the time being. Instead, here’s a great place to play in the sand, just north of Malibu’s city limits: the Great Dune. Not too long ago, Charles and I decided to climb the damn thing, and for all our huffing and puffing we were greeted at the top by a gorgeous expanse of ocean and coastline.

Moving, in whatever form, offers great rewards.

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Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

…info about the music

The Prelude from my “Evensong Suite,” in a gesture of thanks.

This gull has much to be thankful for, since Americans chose a different, if equally common, iconic gourmet avian for the annual holiday. As a pescaterian (vegetarian, but regrettably for the finned ones, fish are still involved), birds are safe around me no matter what the occasion.

T-Day was spent in quiet beauty on the sand at our cozy Paradise Cove Beach Cafe, with the waves pulling out to a revealing low tide. This fellow, among about 50 of his closest personal friends, loomed on the umbrella above our heads hoping we’d turn away from our plates just long enough for a sneak attack dive bomb. No such luck here; we know the game too well. Surprised shrieks from new visitors at nearby tables, however, raised his hopes for snagging a calamari or two.

Welcome to Thanksgiving in Malibu.

There’s a fantastically long list of realities in my life for which I’m thankful. I’m keenly aware that the list can become shorter in an instant. Cherish everything, now.

I have cherished this place for many years and it’s been a privilege to be able to live here. It’s an amazing and rare thing to be able to choose to leave one paradise, in order to live in yet another. Perhaps one or two percent of the residents of this planet can say that their lives are filled with utter happiness. I give thanks, constantly. This is my favorite holiday.

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Guilty with an explanation

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

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The title of this movement says it all: “Act.”

A week and a half without a blog posting? How irresponsible of me. But life is not quite normal right now, and in a newly chaotic swirl of changing seas, a few strands of kelp passed by without a report. They float along just the same, regardless of my musings. I float along less enriched without them.

The news: I’m moving to new kelp, in different waters. In less than three weeks.

Charles and I decided months ago that despite our great love for the immediate environments in which we live, Malibu and Santa Barbara, our temperments were no longer suited for life in the larger world of southern California. There are a myriad of reasons why, but to avoid a pedantic, whining tirade I’ll be brief and simply say that the area has reached yet another tipping point. Too many people in too small a space with too few resources. Sociologically, this does not always bring out the best in people. If one more driver honks at me while I wait for a pedestrian to cross the street rather than mow them down in the crosswalk, I will get out of my car and scream. Or worse. There are healthier ways to live. And we’re choosing one of them.

This, above, is the ride I’ll be trading for Los Angeles’ congested streets and freeways: The Washington State Ferry, headed back to the mainland yesterday, as Charles and I returned from what will be our new home on San Juan Island. It was exceedingly windy and exhilarating. And whether one sits snugly inside with a book or laptop, or braces against the gusts in awe of the view, there is a general sense of peace and calmness that floats like kelp among the people here. I already feel like I’m home.