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Something with a sonic vista, from a little film I scored over a decade ago.

My life is a-flutter with about a zillion (round number) preparations that are involved in moving people, cats, and assorted physical stuff a thousand miles north. This exercise is not for the faint of heart. But it’s great fun. Just to keep things interesting, we’re juggling multiple escrows at once: sailboat and slip in Santa Barbara, sailboat up north. Malibu house, island house. Not to mention movers, inspectors, RV and house rentals… I’ve organized countless large-scale events over the years without batting an eye, but I admit that this move is making my brain ache.

So what to do for an aching brain? Well, my answer is to either play music or play in the sand. There’ll be plenty of opportunity this coming year for me to share the beauty of the San Juan Islands on this blog, so I’ll refrain from posting too many recent photos from up there for the time being. Instead, here’s a great place to play in the sand, just north of Malibu’s city limits: the Great Dune. Not too long ago, Charles and I decided to climb the damn thing, and for all our huffing and puffing we were greeted at the top by a gorgeous expanse of ocean and coastline.

Moving, in whatever form, offers great rewards.

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