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A movement from my “Piano Suite No. 1”.

Winter’s full moon brings a wonderfully low afternoon tide. The water pulls back and lets the ocean share its intertidal secrets, the most colorful of which is a soggy lawn of spectacular sea grass. It’s also called eel grass, probably because it’s so slippery that many an unwary tidepooling tourist has experienced the true meaning of gravity.

For me, low tide is a passport to another part of the planet. No security lines, shoe removal or 1-quart plastic baggie necessary. It’s reassuring to know that some sanity still exists, right here.enna aanan mp3aal mp3 afasyaage piche mp3 doltemp3 maligai aayarpadi30gb mp3 cheapaas mp3 pasaanch mp3 tumhareaala babi mp3 Mapazu loan africancredit loan allegacy unionstreet london 17 sloane 9nu sw1xsloane systems a-transall-in-one michigan construction loanthe fifties during alfred p sloanalgebra amortized loanameriloan address box o p Map

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