…info about the music

Tonight I was delighted that my flute quartet, “Bioplasm,” opened the Los Angeles classical music station KUSC-FM’s program, “Modern Masterpieces.” Here’s a clip.

Yesterday, late afternoon on the beach here at Paradise Cove. A wonderful photographer pal was shooting pictures for my next CD (oh, what a weird thing it is to endure these sessions), and I was momentarily distracted by a graceful squadron of pelicans passing by overhead.

The very best shots are always the ones you’re not expecting. Much like life in general. The main pic on my website is an example of that; it’s not a particularly pretty photo, but I love it because the camera happened to catch my eye just as I turned around, while the wind crudely whipped my hair. Truth, realness, honesty– that’s what I seek in my music, and that’s what I seek in all aspects of my life, right down to my vanity.

By the time this one was snapped, beachgoers had left the sand along with the sun that fled behind the cliffs. But for some earlier shots we had to position ourselves in the last remaining yards of direct light, right in front of the sunbathers and resting surfers. There was no choice but to incur this audience; needing the sea as a backdrop meant that I would be the unexpected, uh… entertainment… for those gazing across the horizon in their thongs and beach chairs. It was awkward enough that I had all these damn clothes on (I’m a big fan of the “sex sells” attitude, but gee, for some odd reason I opted against a cover shot of me in a skimpy bikini much as I’ve resisted the urge to spell my website address as alexxxshapiro.org: the disappointment of the expectant consumer would be overwhelming). But to have to walk slowly and “work” the camera while onlookers no doubt wondered “Who the heck is she? Wait, isn’t she on that TV show? No way, she doesn’t look cool enough to be famous!”… well, that was nothing short of delightfully humiliating. Of course, remember: this is Malibu, and hey, aren’t all the residents celebrities?

I prefer my regular work environment: tucked away like a little mushroom in a dark studio, with no one but the cats staring at me. And what with those thick coats, they’re always wearing much more than I am.