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The main title to a little film I scored years ago about some tough guys, called “The Last Job.”.

Following up on the current avian theme, here’s a recent pic of one of our harbor regulars: a Great Blue Heron. Standing guard on the dock like a privately hired security detail, he stands nearly four feet tall; only a mere foot and a half higher, when I come upon these great birds, I pay my respects. But as much as they’re used to being around humans, these fellows are pretty timid: you can slowly walk toward them to within a couple of yards, then with a huge flap and a loud, indignant squaaaaawwwwk they make sure that you know just how much you’ve inconvenienced them. Taking sudden flight, they lope along through the sky just long enough to land on a dock a finger or two over. No doubt, the same dance with another oncoming sailor will soon be repeated.1st time home owner loan100 loans equitygroup loans student accessloans percent for financing 100 mortgageloan a improvement homefor accounting commitments loanwith no credit check $5000 loanphone 7 24 loan Map