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Appropriately enough, the title of this movement is, “Reflect.”

Ok, one more bucolic frame from that afternoon at the lagoon. This was too pretty not to post.

I’ve been reflecting in my own pond of thought these days, about the concept of regret. Or, more accurately, how to avoid having regrets. I’ve seem ’em follow some of my friends around like a stuck shadow, and I’ve always promised myself I’d do my damnedest to make good decisions and move forward in life, not backward. But who truly has the perch perspective of these snowy egrets? No one I know. Even when we listen to our gut instincts, we can be misled. Or unforseen events can appear. Or we simply change: that which once suited us perfectly now suddenly sags, or is too tight.
And I suppose all of this is called, unremarkably, being human.

I’ve been having an astoundingly happy life for many years and not an instant of it has gone unappreciated. And now I’m giving thought to what the next phase of this life might look and feel like. The beautiful constants are music and Charles. And cats. And sea-based nature. And of course, my valued friendships. Other elements, such as where else on the planet the above might happily coexist, are entertaining daydreams. My view of myself is like its reflection on the water: somewhat recognizable, yet blurred and fluid in its shape. Hmmmmm.