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Click on the blue music icon above to hear an excerpt from my brand new quartet, “Unabashedly.”

Maybe only a woman would make a comparison between composing and childbirth. Immediate disclaimer: I’ve done lots of the former and absolutely none of the latter, so hey, what do I know, anyway? But somehow, each new piece feels like a birthing process: something I’m emotionally attached to, that’s fraught with potential problems along the way, and whose eventual reality is a joyous gift in my life (would that the last statement be the case for all mothers; sadly, it’s not).

As the spring flowers bloom passionately on this Cove bluff path in the wake of last night’s downpour, so do these new notes of mine that finally reached the air for a deep breath a couple of weeks ago here in L.A., in the very capable hands of the musicians of the long-standing Chamber Music Palisades concert series. The green button will lead you to credits and info; the blue to a snippet of my… uh, delivery. All went smoothly; no painkillers were needed.