[IMAGE] roof hail

[IMAGE] roof hail

[IMAGE] deck hail

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Lights… roll film… action!

It takes a woman with a very boring life to not only post photos of hail in its gerund form, but to even shoot them in the first place. Nonetheless, I share my ditzy joy with you: yesterday morning’s very intense and long hail storm that left almost an inch of the stuff glistening everywhere for half the day. It was dramatic! It looked like a blizzard coming down… a very LOUD blizzard.

HEAR the repetitive thudding on the metal roof! SEE the powerful flow of pea-sized ice pellets pouring down! SENSE the chill in the otherwise springtime air! WATCH as my property turns into an early April winter wonderland!
Wait… there’s something not right about that…

Oh, and EXPERIENCE the edge-of-their-chair excitement of Moses and Smudge through it all:

[IMAGE] cat nap

All hail the unflappable kitties! Who needs lithium, when you can just glance at these guys?