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Photo: courtesy of Charles, who emailed this lovely vision from our driveway on the island as I gazed at yellow snow, rather than yellow flowers, in NYC. Much as I love my home town, I think I prefer the color on the flowers. I have no idea what those purple-blue blooms are, but they’re fabulous.

I post this from a most civilized space (Vino Volo) in a most civilized airport (SeaTac) as I wait for the van to take me to Boeing Field, where I’ll hop on a flying Volkswagen that will plop me down in a less civilized, if yet more beautiful, part of the western U.S. a hundred miles north of here. And apart from a brief trip in mid March to go to the rehearsal and performance of Vista in Seattle by my talented friend, violinist Karen Bentley, for the first time in the better part of a year, my calendar is clear of travel for a few weeks, unless some utterly compelling opportunity is suddenly dropped on my doorstep that would cause me to leave it. So this normally peripatetic (rhymes with pathetic) composer gets to stay home and actually compose without interruption for a while. Hooray! Because there are a lot of notes waiting to escape.

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