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Up, down, and all around.

More travel. More landings. All directions, literally and figuratively. Mostly quite good, and that which is not quite good is still quite compelling. Interpret as you will. I am looking in all directions. Inward is always the best, even if not always the most reliable.

My outward self, meanwhile, has not only been writing music like a good little composer, but also writing words about outward things regarding artists’ experiences in the world, now that the new digital paradigm is reality. For all that I have failed to blog on this page this month, I have made up for in two recent essays for the wonderful online magazine NewMusicBox. Whether you are a musician or not, you may enjoy the reads: As Important as the Printing Press: Net Neutrality and Artists’ Freedom, and What I Learned About My Tiny Business From Paramount Pictures. NewMusicBox will be publishing another, possibly more significant, and hopefully even more controversial piece (ooh!) this coming week. Stay tuned: I’ll post the link here.

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