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The stairs that lead from the Point Dume Headlands to the sand. Yes, they are steep, although not quite as death-defying as they appear here. Perhaps forty feet up or so.

Perspective is a funny thing. From this vantage, the wave coming in looks as though it could be ten feet high, but it’s actually more like ten inches. And the cliffs appear to loom dramatically over their scree of fallen offspring, yet those rocks could be held in one’s palm.

The deceptions of photography always amuse me. I’ve heard more than one remark of surprise from someone just meeting me who had known my face solely from the website. Apparently, some are expecting a far, far larger person (in all directions) than the one standing in front of them. I suppose a different photo might be in order, but I always liked that one because it was taken when I wasn’t expecting it, as I suddenly turned from the wind on a blustery day at the Cove. I prefer that reality to something more contrived, even if more standardly beautiful.
Perspective is a funny thing.

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