[IMAGE] kelp

[IMAGE] low tide

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Island music.

Unless one has followed this bloglet for a while, one might not understand why there is algae in the title. Thus, a reminder. It’s everywhere around me. Eat your sea vegetables!

Huge swaths of the stuff drape the shorelines, and at low tide it looks like the chaotic ladies’ dressing room at Filene’s Basement or Ross Dress for Less, the oddly greenish fabric strewn everywhere, left behind in a mad tidal retreat to the next big sale. This particular dressing cove looks straight out to Victoria, which I could see far more clearly than my little pocket Nikon could. My phone could see it clearly, too: on this side of the island the only cell signal you can hope to momentarily grab comes from Canada, as witnessed by the “roaming” indicator on my readout. Only in or extremely near the bustling metropolis of Friday Harbor (all four blocks of it!) can one hope to use their cell phone. But that’s okay, because I really didn’t feel the urge to call anyone. I was in deep conversation with the plants.