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Swell and swirl.

I can stare endlessly into the water, imagining all the life that thrives where most above cannot see. Like the creatures who cling to these rocks, I’m waiting for my own version of high tide. Having just finished a solo piano work this week for one of my favorite pianists, I’m about to embark on a journey for ten instruments– a double quintet of strings and woodwinds that will premiere this fall in Chicago by this very hip ensemble. I’m nearly done with a sizable article that addresses writer’s block (it would be rather ironic if I were to the deadline on that one), I have a few pithy words to add to other blogs I like, and am never lacking in additional music projects, like finishing up my long-promised electroacoustic CD, Alextronica. Each of these projects and tasks is poised at the edge of the shore, waiting to set out to sea on an adventure. I’m always looking for the next tidal surge.