A few footsteps up the path from our house leads you to the edge of the bluffs, from which you can face up the coast (see the header of this blog for that view), or spin on your heels and look down the coast, as I did a couple of days ago when a storm was getting ready to wander in. This photo is currently spanning the 17 inches of my powerbook desktop, and I wish you could see it that large. Better yet, I wish you could see it in person.

I think days like this are the most exhilarating of all; the air is charged, and there’s the anticipation of not knowing just which patio chair may go flying in which direction (hey, there ain’t nothing between us and the Pacific, so the winds can be fierce). It feels exciting and great and alive and intriguing and dangerous and thrilling and real. The sky is at its most compelling, with constantly shifting balances of dark and light which double their efforts in the colors reflected in the ocean. I will never get over just how stunning this expanse of sky and water is, and how in turn it opens the expanse of something unspeakable within me.11th mp3 hourmp3 fruit 1910 companykeep 1983 mp3 smilingmp3 150 mcsmp3 1108 thugzmp3 120 varkensmp3 1913 massacremp3 1984 incubus Maploans customers amoneamerican tn knoxville loans home dreamsbush budget numbers allan sloan100 ltv wholesale loansnsw housing aboriginal loansstudent acpe loan alaskaalpha loan omega paydaysignature $15k loans Mapmovies slutmovies fucking free hardcorewith movies nuditypretty movies sapphicmovies xxx homemovie corpse brideclips movie free fuckingmovies sex public Map

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