[IMAGE] Froggie front

[IMAGE] Froggie side

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Hot music for a temporarily warm amphibian.

I realize the mug shots of Kermit here make him look like the frog that ate Cleveland. He is, however, just over an inch long.

He is also quite lucky: I narrowly avoided stepping on him and turning him into froggie puree as he sunbathed on my deck today. After the requisite photo shoot, I extended my seemingly gargantuan hand, into which he and his big smile readily hopped. We cooed at each other, (ok, I’m anthropomorphizing: I cooed at him, and he was probably thinking, “get me the heck outta here”), then I brought his slightly sticky, very green rubbery self over to a nice, bug-laden salal patch and placed him on a leaf the exact same hue. I hope I did not separate him from a large family that is now worrying about where Grampa Bubba went, getting ready to place his photo on the side of bait cartons around the county.