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Click on the blue music icon above to hear a movement from “At the Abyss” titled “Reflect,” to accompany this very reflective photo from Australia.

I know, I know: I’ve been a little slow on the blog draw this past week. Apologies. But 1. I figured that the two rainbow pics I offered would be plenty to tide you over for a while (I never tire of looking at them or of thinking about what it was like to sit there and enjoy the spectacle last week), and 2. darn, it’s quiet out there! I actually have no idea if anyone’s been checking into this pixelsonic bloglet recently (other than some creative spammers, whose sales pitches I gleefully delete). Don’t be shy about leaving a comment, if only to encourage more of this posting-happy behavior on my part.

And speaking of encouraging behavior, my percussionist pal Rick Kvistad, responsible for a great photo of the Hayman Island area in the Great Barrier Reef (below, under “Guest Spot”), has sent yet more evidence of the utter beauty of the southern hemisphere. I had dropped him an email to see if he had made it out of the area prior to the devastating cyclone, and he replied that his timing was fortunate and that he’s now in the south in the Melbourne area. Along with the email came this wondrous feast for the eyes and spirit of the bay near Geelong, which I share with thanks once again to Rick. Anyone else hankering for a guest spot on this blog is welcome to email me a photo or two at the contact address on my website. All donations cheerfully accepted; one can never have too much beauty.