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Don’t wanna slip up.

Here’s my new pal, Sluggo, a Pacific banana slug who nearly became an ex-slug, when I almost slipped on this banana while hiking near Point Caution yesterday. Lucky fella.

And lucky me, that you’re still reading this e-tome despite my less than frequent postings! I promise to do better. As seen below, it’s been a whirlwind time and I’d much rather post pix from this pix-turesque island than from the many airports I continue to get to know far too well. Trust me, the scenery here is far more interesting, even if you don’t care for squishy things.

In the early morning I’ll head out on the Friday Harbor Labs research vessel, the Centennial, captained by our brilliant friend and former lab executive director Dennis Willows. Along for the ride with marine scientists and educators, I’m hoping not only to come back with a mucky memento or two from the sea floor, but with some cool video and photos, as well!