[IMAGE] kayaking toward Saltspring Island

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…about the music

Bang the drum loudly.

Mine is a happy life filled with many hellos,

[IMAGE] Hello, sea stars

[IMAGE] Hello, fox

and seemingly endless welcoming paths.

[IMAGE] southern San Juan Island

[IMAGE] island woods

Sometimes there are structures pointing the way,

[IMAGE] bridge

[IMAGE] dock ramp

[IMAGE] dock ramp

but more often, the sole path is my imagination.

[IMAGE]Alex at island's edge

I’m easily tempted by paths of beauty,

[IMAGE] Lavender farm

or shrouded mystery,

[IMAGE] False Bay

or even a little danger.

[IMAGE] Lava cave

[IMAGE] Lava abyss

[IMAGE] collapsed lava

[IMAGE] dangerous umbrella drink
Drinking an umbrella drink underneath an umbrella means there are TWO ways to poke your eye out. Very, very dangerous!

Almost always, I’m happiest when I make my own path.

[IMAGE] Alex in the road grader
What? You’ve never seen a Manhattan chick in a road grader before?

Sometimes a path leads me to say goodbye,

[IMAGE] leaving on the puddle jumper

in order to say hello somewhere else.

[IMAGE] Alex in Hawaii snorkeling

But that path always returns me back home,

[IMAGE] home

where my hellos begin all over again.

[IMAGE] Hello, Mr. Fox

Here’s to a new year, in which everyone’s cup is filled with as many colorful paths of their choosing as possible!

[IMAGE] Hello, Mr. Fox

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