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Click on the blue music icon above to hear a clip from “Journey” for 5-string electric violin and electronics.

I like to escape the dark, cave-like confines of my project studio down the hall whenever possible, and bring my laptop to the dining table. There, in a large open space that includes the living room and kitchen as well, I can work surrounded by lots of light and expanse. Walls with more windows than framing steal my attention away from the pixels at hand, out in one direction to the sea and Catalina Island, and in another across the deck and to the Santa Monica mountains, beyond. Today I was focused intently on an adaptation of a piece, and as if tapped on the shoulder at 5:30, I suddenly lifted my head. And this is what I saw. I stepped on to the deck and had to share this view gazing northeast and up… up… up. It made me smile. A big storm is coming tomorrow, but for now, it’s clear and fluffy outside.

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