Some days just look blue, no matter how happy you may be. We had a good thunder and lightning storm late last night, and it blew brisk, clear air across the sea. Even though the buffalo-spotted land on Catalina is actually green and brown, gazing across the ocean to it, everything is pale azure and beckons like a lost, magical place. In fact, it’s a found magical place.

My trips there over the years, by commercial ferry and by my own sailboat, have all been wonderful discoveries that fill me thoughts of what it might be like to live in such a place, so close to a major city, and yet remote in significant ways. Not unlike our community in Paradise Cove, most natives get around in electric golf carts. And those buffalo I mentioned– I wasn’t kidding. In the 1920’s, a herd of the huge animals was brought over to the island for a film shoot. When the director was done, he didn’t bother to have the [highly non-native!] beasts returned to wherever they came from. Until the buffalo arrived, the largest animal roaming around was the island fox. But the big beasts just love the climate and the food offered up on the grass and scrub brush hillsides, and have bred so well over the past century that now it’s impossible not to see them any time you venture across the little island, grazing on the mountainside or standing right next to the road. Quite a sight!

On a clear day like today, it would seem that my zoom lens could almost make them out on Catalina’s silhouette, 22 miles away…

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Click on the blue music icon above to hear a taste of “Deep,” to accompany these views of Catalina Island and our Big Blue.

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