…about the music

Not the prelude to “Afternoon of a Faun,” but….

From late this afternoon: two does at my studio do’. Mama and her growing faun, both of whom became regulars at the cervidae soup kitchen I ran during the blizzard three weeks ago. I think the species family name should be spelled “servidae” because it was serv-a-doe around here for two weeks straight until the snow melted and they could find their way back to the salal berries. For a while they stopped coming around, but recently they’ve fallen off the wagon and given into their jones for birdseed. I might have to close down the soup kitchen and open up a rehab facility to assist them in getting back on track with their lives.

I continue on track with mine, and in the early early morning hours I’ll hop a ferry for mainland America to head to a plane pointed toward New York City once again. I’m speaking at the national Chamber Music America conference on Friday afternoon, and I’m going to enjoy seeing lots of friendly faces in the concert music biz. Given the underfed temperatures in the city, our faces will be a little red from the cold, but a number of us have been going to this conference annually for years, and it’s always fun to reunite, do a little business, bend the elbows, and catch up. Regardless of the weather, it’s nice to be able to count on camaraderie. And birdseed.