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Peacefully green and white.

Continuing on my weather theme, ta-DAH! Snapshots of the property that allows itself to be called mine, after a good dose of that white fluffy stuff the night before last. Kelp-laden readers already know just how giddy snowfalls make me, and this one was no exception. It’s rare to get “real” snow here because it’s usually so warm that whenever a few flakes hit the ground they quickly morph into liquid. But as some may have heard and others are experiencing, the Pacific Northwest is in a week-long grip of the coldest snap in almost twenty years– and even broke a 44 year old record low today with 19 degrees in the Seattle area. On the islands, it’s been in the low 20’s every day, and for those exposed to the sturdy wind on the west side, well, I can’t imagine what that chill factor makes it, but the views across the wave-driven straits are spectacular.

Normal temps this time of year would be in the low to upper 40’s. But perhaps nothing is “normal” any more, or perhaps we’ve been keeping records for far too short a period in the grand scheme of things for any of this to raise an eyebrow with the Universe. Business as usual, maybe, if you’ve been around a few hundred thousand years. I’m working to achieve that goal myself because I enjoy my life so much I don’t particularly want it to come to an inevitable cadence. But my fondness for wines, spirits and dark chocolate may be cutting into my competitive edge. We’ll see.

In the early morning, 5:45 a.m. to be exact, I’m off to a place where the temperature currently reads 9 degrees. Far less, if you count the YIKES! effect of wet wind whipping off Lake Michigan: Chicago. Brrr! The enormous and fun annual Midwest Clinic is this week, and I cannot stay away from 14,000 crazed band musicians, some of whom are actually crazy enough to play my stuff. I’m very excited to be attending. I will return with wonderful tales of low tubas, low trombones, and low, low temperatures. In the meantime, stay warm!