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Click on the blue music icon above to hear a little from one of my tunes, “Dorian Mood,” to give this surfer something to accompany his nice ride.

I don’t watch much TV, because I don’t find much of what’s on terribly fascinating, and also because during peak prime time TV hours I’m either at a concert in town, or composing here in my studio. Evenings and nights are my work days. But there’s one great pleasure I can enjoy 24/7 on cable: an alternative, extreme sports station called FUEL that’s MTV for the board sport crowd. Surfing, skate boarding, snowboarding, X games, motocross, it’s all there, and most of it’s pretty riveting. I love to watch it for a few minutes when I finally hit the sack at 5 or 6 in the morning. I’ve got the TV programmed to start there when I turn on the power, and it rarely leaves that station. It’s just beautiful to watch these athletes bathed in so much joy and exuberance.

Best of all, I’m blessed to live somewhere where I can walk outside of my house, and see a line up of guys (and a few gals) waiting for the sets to roll in. And roll in, they do. Some days here at Paradise Cove are moderate and good, like this one I snapped, above. We’ve got nice breaks here, but they’re really for experienced surfers because of all the rocks and sea urchins (see some of my low tide evidence, farther down on this page). And then there are a few really spectacular days every year when the sets come in with waves topping 20 feet, that curl in such a way that you can get a really long ride. I can sit and watch the surfers forever; it never gets boring and no two sets are alike. There’s the drama of the individuals and their styles, and then there’s the drama of the sea which keeps me guessing about what the next wave is going to look and feel like. Ahhhhh. Far more stimulus than any TV show. And smells better, too.

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