[IMAGE] diving

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Above, and below.

Oh, and what a dive she took.
From the trees to the seas.

From the sensuous, smooth nudity of Sucia Island’s Pacific Madrone…

[IMAGE] leaning
Yes, we’re all thinking the same thing.

…to the sensuous, smooth warmth of Hawai’i’s Pacific waters…

[IMAGE] snorkeling

[IMAGE] snorkeling

…your kelpy heroine has had the great happiness for a long time now, of surrounding herself with the earth’s beauty.

[IMAGE] Arbutus

…and below.

[IMAGE] ahhhh

Stay tuned for The Continuing Adventures of a Happy Composer, now in its seventh year online. I’ve returned from bringing in this year’s birthday as I brought in the last, Hawai’i 5-0 celebration, and a year later, I’m STILL not playing with a full deck (I guess that’ll be the next birthday). I’m looking forward to a 2013 filled with joy, music, silliness, nature, and of course, lots of photos!

[IMAGE] Alex

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