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A world of magic just beyond your toes.

Shortly prior to calling this piece of floating rock “home,” I visited the particular spot pictured above. This very table, as I recall. It’s on the west side of the island and is located in a state park known best of all for being a great whale watching vantage point.

On the quick path to the sea, I remember passing a simple sign that officially informed, “Whale Watching,” adding a directional arrow for emphasis. Why anyone would look for a whale in a direction other than the water is a mystery to me, but the nice people who run these parks are nothing if not thorough.

You see signs like this all the time, and think of them more like a pleasant idea rather than a declaration of fact. I walked a few yards past the sign to this table, looked up, and lo and behold, right on cue for their cameo montage segment right out of an Esther Williams movie, were about 18 Orca whales close to the shore. Truth in advertising. First shot outta the box.

I have yet to repeat that experience. With or without cetaceans, this is a gorgeous spot and I seem to end up here with virtually every island visitor I’ve had, which is becoming a mounting number. Not one other time have I seen so much as a sea slug, let alone a whale. But it doesn’t matter. The Orca pods move around, I move around, and sooner or later we will all find ourselves facing each other once more on a shoreline. I will be enthralled. They will not care in the least. As it should be.