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A slow approach.

A brief post to say hello, and to share a unique view. Seated close enough to give the pilot a neck rub as he brought the little puddle jumper down the Salish Sea from Friday Harbor to Seattle, (no, I did not offer my services), this was the intriguing line-up I saw last Monday as we approached Boeing Field. Impressive Mt. Rainier was a beacon for the runway, and the serendipitous alignment of the natural and the man-made, even in the early morning haze, was quite majestic.

This was the start of my epic journey to New York City, one that always takes exactly 14, count ’em, 14 hours door to door, given two flights, shuttle, airport layover, taxi, and whatnot. But I really don’t mind; it’s wonderful having the time to think, to breathe, to observe people and geography. There’s even a quiet little wine bar at SEATAC for a civilized rest and repast. And as I’ve posted before, the potent communications combo of laptop, Treo and book (you know, that antique thing with pages you have to turn) provides plenty of entertainment and activity. I’m never, ever bored.

More thoughts and photos this week, as always. It’s a gorgeous shiny day, the outdoors beckons, and I obey, happily.