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Slow and sticky wins the race.

And yet, more fur! This week has been like a big debutante ball for island insects. Just as you’ve recovered from the furry bee (and thanks to Glenn are now quite well educated on All Things Apidae), today I greet you with this adorable caterpillar, the latest addition to the ever-lengthening queue for my diabetic coma-reversing Insulin MedEvac services. He is clinging to/sucking up the sticky sugar water remnants on the hummer feeder. It took him four hours to make it across the three inch span of the jar top. And you thought the L.A. freeways were slow.

Also seen today: several inchworms, beetles, slugs, and the first of the dragonflies– bright blue helicopters of joy buzzing around the woods. Plus several variations of spiders, including one harmless-but-enormous wolf spider lookalike with a thyroid condition, squatting defiantly in my hallway and spanning an impressive four inches stem to stern. The larger the visitor, the easier my job as Director of the Benevolent Shapiro Arachnid Relocation Program. But if they get much bigger than this guy I’ll need to invest in larger drinkware to use for transport services and field trips. Oh, and I’ll need to start charging for size and weight, just like the post office. Wish I had a photo to share, but the camera was in my car at the time. So you’ll just have to imagine a spider so huge that I nearly tripped over it, like the ottoman in the title sequence of the Dick Van Dyke show. Really ;-).

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