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Ahead lies a water voyage.

This was the view yesterday from my car in the parking lot at Anacortes, on Fidalgo Island, which hosts the ferry landing for boats headed to the San Juans. Spent the day in Seattle, running some unimportant errands that required leaving the house at 5:15 a.m.– normally right around my bedtime– and then returning on 5:05 p.m. boat.

As I was, you’re staring at Mount Baker, a volcano just short of 11,000 feet and maybe 300 miles to the east, accompanied by the Rockettes of ridges, the Cascade mountain range. It’s quite a sight when you’re sitting in your little pod-on-wheels, munching on modest food offerings from the tiny ferry terminal cafe, checking email on the Treo, catching up on work on the laptop, and eventually leaning the seat all the way back to relax. Hard to complain about having to put the car in the line early to make sure you get on the boat, when this is the backdrop. Objects in photo are larger than they appear.