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Click on the blue music icon above to hear an excerpt from my flute quartet, “Bioplasm.”

Of the many places to stop by the side of California’s Route 1, I laugh out loud the most when I’m at a narrow stretch of beach near the Hearst Castle and Piedras Blancas, a couple of hours north of Santa Barbara. Don’t miss this if you’re in the area! Stepping inches from your car, you will suddenly be standing right next to thousands upon thousands of Elephant Seals hauled out on the sand. Not only is it a sight to behold, but a sound, as well. These creatures– some, at 5,000 pounds, weigh more than an SUV– produce a steady stream of the most incredible noises you can imagine. Grunts, wails, roars, gurgles, high pitches and low, it’s all there, in no discernible order. I should bring my Minidisc next time I’m there, if only to plagiarize for my next piece– it could be one of my best ones.

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