…about the music

And another rolls toward us.

In with the new.
Happy 2008.

Today is also worthy of personal celebration, as it’s the second anniversary of the particular alignment of pixels that you are reading at this very moment. I started my algae-laden blog January 1, 2006, and have been having a great time sharing the beauty of my surroundings– first in Malibu and now on San Juan Island– with anyone interested in clicking. And, in listening. I’m not sure whether to call it photosonic, or pixelsonic, but it’s my version of scoring music to my own photos and it keeps me entertained. Maybe you, too!

For Auld Lang Syne, use the time machine on the right and visit some of the earlier posts. Occasionally I do, and it’s as though everything I felt and smelled and heard when I took the snapshot surrounds me, once again. Past, meet present. Wait– it’s already the future. Which just became the past. And so it goes. We ride this wave as long as we’re able, and have as good a time as we can!

Peace to all. I’m off to New York City for a week, to exhibit my humble wares at the national Chamber Music America conference. Should you be there, be sure to stop by and say hello. Meanwhile, I may not be blogging this week. Stay tuned for more deer, foxes, mushrooms and island life when I return. Maybe this year I’ll even include… gasp!… buildings and people!