…about the music

My one and only game show theme, quite obviously from the 80’s.

Y’know, my humble career has been blessed with many a fine honor and award from many a fine institution. But this past week, I got a big surprise in the mail.
A check for $5.
From the San Juan County Fair.
I was awarded first place in their essay writing contest!

The Fair is a big deal here: three days in August… or was it four? We were there for two of ’em, gorging on shaved ice amidst throngs of islanders showing off their horsemanship, or their pigs, goats, sheep and cattle in livestock auctions, or their craftiness in the Trashion Show, in which contestants parade up and down an Astroturf runway donning outfits created from very, very recycled materials otherwise headed for the dump and sure to be seen there later that week. There was plenty of live music, food of all kinds, plus quite a number of terrific non-profits tabling for their good will. As often strikes me living here, I felt like I had stepped into a Rodgers and Hammerstein musical and that at any moment the joyful people of Friday Harbor would break into unified song and snappy choreography.

While I didn’t happen to see the “Essay Contest Entries Display Table” (I strongly doubt there was one; nerdiness isn’t usually a big draw at these shindigs and old denim shirts just don’t look quite as hip with pocket protectors), images dance in my mind of the big blue ribbon attached to my winning offering. The photo above, shot yesterday of a leggy pal who’s taken up residence by the side door, gives you an idea of my subject matter. Like all bloggers, I do love the web.