[IMAGE] bald eagle pair

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I think he’s blushing.

[IMAGE] eagle
“Ralph! Get back here. It’s getting dark and it’s time to start dinner.”

[IMAGE] eagle
“Ralph? I said, get back here. I’m getting hungry.”

[IMAGE] eagle

[IMAGE] eagle and crow
“Hey Alice, baby, relax! Norton and I are just watching the fight. Good game! Steller Sea Lion: 3, Cephalopod: zilch. I’ll pick up something for dinner on the way home.”

[IMAGE]  sea lion

[IMAGE] sea lion

[IMAGE] eagle
“Okay, see ya, Norton. I guess I shouldn’t keep Alice waiting. Time to go shopping– I better bring something back…”

[IMAGE] sea lion
“Uh… Uh-oh. What’s that above me?”

[IMAGE] sea lion
“Hey! He stole my dinner! That ball was in play! No fair! Call the Ref! Foul!”

[IMAGE] eagle
“Leftover octopus, AGAIN? Gee Ralph, I thought we were having Dungeness tonight.”

[IMAGE] deer
“Look at those silly eagles. Alice always forgets that ever since they started doing the Atkins thing, they’re on a low-crab diet.”

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