…about the music

Flittingly amusing music.

Don’t call the Avian Protection Services; no need to report any further bird abuse on my property. This one is fine. He is, in this photo however, on the wrong side of the feeder. Also known as, the inside. Well, I suppose that’s the right side of the feeder when you’re hungry and want to grab that very last sunflower seed laying smack dab in the middle, just out of reach. But after consumption of the aforementioned ultimate seed, this situation quickly deteriorates.

It was the wildly loud and incessant tapping of beak to glass that got my attention. Standing on the deck taking [yet another] photo of a beautiful buck who’s nearly become a pet since he’s here every day, I heard insistent sounds. They were so loud I thought it was one of the Pileated woodpeckers carving another rectangular imprint in a tree (these guys are about the size of a Buick and once I get a decent photo, you’ll see for yourself and wonder why I didn’t run for cover). I walked over to where the odd sound was coming from, only to see this little chickadee flitting about helplessly. He had managed to squeeze his tiny body through a feeder hole even tinier, but then couldn’t figure out how to do this Houdini stunt in reverse (he did not read the manual, apparently). Luckily for him I was home and able to come to the rescue (but of course, shameless, opportunistic blogger that I am, not before quickly snapping some pix since I already had the camera in my hand). Self-caging birds could be a real selling point for some, but I much prefer they stay in the wild and clearly, so do they!