…about the music

Not Purple Haze, but electric guitar, nonetheless.

In the past couple of weeks I’ve waxed enthusiastically about Mona the camel and blackberries. To most, these topics would be unrelated. But now, for your mindless surfing enjoyment, thanks to the fine lens of my talented photog friend on the island, Ken Serratt, we here at Notes From The Kelp Industries, Inc. proudly present the ultimate in full service blogging: Mona the camel gorging herself on blackberries.

It’s highly doubtful that the desert environs of East Africa or western Asia– the Dromedary’s natural habitat– have ever sprouted a single juicy blackberry. But then again, I can’t account for my cats’ love of fish, since kitties don’t swim. Mona has gleefully discovered a new food group, and a happier purple-lipped Dromeberry you’ve never seen.2.2l credit 4cyl quotes 4a20 distance-learning mba programs aacsb-accreditedunion 1sttech credithertiage federal credit union americancosmotology accreditation schools ofcheets credit 1000 vmkaccredited articles helthacredited apostolic bible fl in colleges Map

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