…about the music
Laughable, to some.

Well it had to happen sometime: a slip of the typing finger and whoops! Lots of code I had written to create my semi-custom blog layout… gone. There’s that familiar feeling of one’s heart leaping up one’s esophagus (a tight squeeze, for most), the quickening pulse, the self-anger (I can’t friggin’ believe I just did that ), the denial (surely the information I idiotically deleted is lurking somewhere), the disappointing realization that nope, it’s not lurking anywhere, and finally, at least in my case, the sudden turnaround of thought to, ok this is actually a good thing because it was time to try a new look anyway.

At least, that’s what I try to fool myself into believing.

So here we go, after more hours of editing code than I had planned to do at 4am this morning: New Look Number One. Good enough until I get bored and need to procrastinate some more on my composing, at which point New Look Number Two could show up at any time without warning. In fact, had blog-surfers been visiting my URL in the wee hours of the morning today, they might have been amused at rapid-fire changing of skins for Notes from the Kelp, as I tried on 30 or 40 different looks much in the way a woman might desperately fling clothes from her closet when she can’t find the right thing to wear.

I’m not sure how this blog will eventually dress up, but at least for now it’s clothed enough to go out in public. Now it’s on to some music writing, since I’ve just written enough code for a decent intermezzo.

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