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Eagle Cove of the big rock meets my “Point Lobos” of the Big Sur.

Late this afternoon was perfect for driving around the island and exploring a few new places. 55 square miles is enough to keep the senses entertained while doing one’s part as a fine American to guzzle precious fossil fuels. Since moving here this spring, driving more than about two miles at a time has become an unusual event. After 24 years steeped in L.A.’s maddening car culture, it almost feels special to get in the vehicle with the intent to actually go someplace we couldn’t walk or bike to if we wanted.

One of the coolest things about San Juan Island is its topo-diversity. The north end is denser, filled with thick, old-growth forests that reach out to oyster-filled waters. The middle is a rolling, pasture and farm-dotted valley that’s home to grazing horses, cows, goat, sheep, alpaca, llamas and a camel named Mona who was purchased on eBay. She’s not lonely; the loving owners got her a companion horse and they seem to get along well last time I passed by.

The south end of the island is, in some parts, strikingly barren and always very compelling to me. It reminds me of sections of California. Minus the cars, which is a plus (this is my kinda math). Above is the Eagle Cove area, and whether I were an eagle or a gnat, I’d want to fly around here, for sure. I’d wager that a camel would be happy in this spot, too. Buy It Now, or start bidding.

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