…about the music
Light reflects on happy muses…

The extending shadows across this soft field by my house tell the tale of summer: we’re teased by three beautiful months, tempting us away from the things we think we should be doing (usually inside, at a piano or a desk. Or, under them, if things aren’t going as well as hoped). Long fingers summon us, yes– pull us– away and gleefully reorganize our priorities, blind to pressing deadlines and delivery dates. Thank goodness for this sultry reminder each year to just… be.

The deer need no reminding, it seems. They are invisible in this photo. That’s because they were late for dinner today. But every evening around this time– oh, 7:30 or so– almost twenty of our hooved, sweet-faced neighbors spread out fairly evenly across this expanse for the all-you-can-eat buffet of fresh grass and flowers. Yesterday, driving home after a beautiful day sailing with friends toward the Canadian border (yes, and back, despite the current federal wire-tapping fiasco), I laughed at the sight of a gaggle of geese squatting squarely in the middle of the herd. A bald eagle glided low overhead, and staring at this bestial trio I instantly knew that there were more important things for me to experience at that moment than whatever awaited at my studio. Tomorrow and its insistent deadlines will arrive, no matter what. But these flashes of life have to be absorbed when they’re fresh on the hoof, on the webbed feet and on the wing. In turn, the muses reward with ideas that spring from a calm and open mind.

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