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Click on the blue music icon above to hear a movement from “At the Abyss” titled “Act,” to keep this fellow company.

Snowy egrets are pretty solitary around here, preferring to enjoy a meal on their own rather than have to hold up their end of a conversation with a dinner partner. You can spot them from a long distance; they’re very conspicuous since there’s nothing nearby that’s remotely this Clorox-bleached. Otherwise a very graceful bird topped with Vegas-style plumage (in it’s off-duty position here) that would be the envy of a showgirl, the elegance ends at its feet. They are large, with skinny webbed toes painted a bright yellow that I couldn’t quite capture in this photo. The only way to describe the comical way they walk, is to ask you to envision Harpo Marx and your choice of one of the Three Stooges pretending to prowl around and sneak up on someone, lifting each foot with exaggeration and gingerly placing it far ahead of their body. The Ministry of Silly Walks has another cabinet member.advancement training mortgage processor loan$550 loans personalinter-library loan activities of100 financing jumbo a on loan$4000 loan personal bad creditloans 590 score home creditohio and 502 direct loansloans schedule business amortization Map

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