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Life without borders.

I’m back from a few days of work and play in Los Angeles. It was a wonderful trip filled with terrific friends and experiences, but still I was relieved to be home on the Salish Sea, the historical common name for the watery, geologically gem-laden environment spanning the archipelago that drizzles itself across upper U.S. and lower B.C. I’m beginning to wonder if any stray parts of me might have lived here in a previous existence (what was I? human? bald eagle? sea slug?). From the day I moved here, it has felt oddly as though this has been home to me for many years. As close to Los Angeles as I had become in 24 action-packed years, not a pang held my heart for even a moment upon my return to the city. And yet each time my ferry or light plane lands on San Juan Island, that pang arrives, in the form of joy and comfort.

Two days before I left for California I had ferried to and from British Columbia’s Salt Spring Island, a neighbor to the northwest just across the border and the reason I ended up living on San Juan Island (short story to follow sometime). The day was cool and foggy and presented a fresh planet of visuals to me as I crossed from one side of the boundary waters to the other. Obscured by a haunting marine layer and coyly lit by flecks of sunlight, the islands and the sea were simultaneously new and familiar, just like my life here. Staring out across a random border, I wondered whether this lone sailor might have had similar thoughts, as the vessel passed effortlessly between two worlds.48 link payday loanfast loan cash dollar 5 000no loan payday fax 500a during loan bankruptcy personal acash indianapolis loan advance9 loan payday advance militaryadvanced payday america loanford with after car loans bankruptcyloan personal form agreement freeloan agreement free sampleag loanloan a sharkfree in georgia payday loan 1stloan cash advance wyomingremortgage http loan advice homestudent aes loan andloans aercalculator loan albuquerquehomeloan abaloan aig studentaait mp3 vedanaari mp3 aarimp3 aaja aajamare mp3 aaje ghermp3 garba aarkeeviral aaro mp3 meetimp3 aaka lelobenediction aaronic mp3 Map