…about the music
Moo-d music.

There were no cows standing anywhere near me when I snapped this today. I’m sure there’s a reason why this spot on the island is called Cattle Point, but I’m too lazy to do the research and Google it. So if you’re desperately curious or in need of yet one more thing with which to procrastinate from the work you’re actually supposed to be doing instead of perusing blogs like this one, well, have at it.

You can tell, I’m a true professional when it comes to blog procrastination techniques. It’s amazing that I manage to get any composing done at all given my trackball hand’s itchy finger on the clicker. Sometimes there are marvelous rewards for these carefully honed skills, such as when I clicked on a colleague’s fine blog last week and found this. I’m humbled to be in such glorious company, and put there by someone whose opinions I enjoy reading, to boot. Thanks, Steve.

So in my ever-continuing offer of virtual tourism, here, for you, is one of many different vistas from the southern end of San Juan Island. A scattering of rocky atolls you’d want to avoid if you were boating, then Lopez island, and then quite pale in the distance, the mainland’s Olympic Peninsula. Had I turned my camera to the right (well I indeed did but you’ll just have to wait for another time… yes, I’m a bloginatrix), you would be looking at the southern end of Vancouver Island and its town jewel, Victoria. Perhaps there are cows over there, but my zoom lens isn’t that good.ringtones text 10pnokia free 2260 logo ringtone3315 composer ringtone free nokia3410 online free composer ringtone nokianokia voice 6010 ringtonefree ringtone lg vx 6100a miles ringtones thousandallowed girl ringtone Map