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Oh! Canada!

Yesterday was Canada Day. Those of us on San Juan Island are almost swimming distance from our kind neighboring country. This photo, taken Sunday from Mount Young on SJI a few minutes after my heartbeat returned to its upright and locked position (it was a reasonably steep climb), shows you our proximity. A stunning view of the northwest corner of what’s left of Washington State in the foreground, and all else: Canada. Specifically, Vancouver Island in the left hand middle ground (if the photo were wider, a few inches to the left you could see Victoria), and Canada’s Southern Gulf Islands looming large and gorgeous in the middle of the photo. We waved to our pals Luanne and Ken who live right there, facing us, on Salt Spring. I’m not certain whether they waved back but it was the thought that 90 daycalifornia loan agriculturepayday new cash advance loanamerica advance loans payday100 value loan tocard credit loans 401kcommercial 100 estate real loanmortgage loan california adjustable rateamortization loans with principle extraaffordable construction loans