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My idea of beautiful honking.

Yet a new sight for this So-Cal infused newbie: geese on the beach.

I actually never knew that geese liked salt water. But there we were together on the sand, enjoying the day and the view. Quite the tightly knit social group, the 20 honkers paraded into the water in an orderly, single-file row, paddled calmly for a few minutes, and then just as neatly landed by my side on a different part of the same crescent beach.

They had no fear of me whatsoever, like every creature on this island so far except for my kind UPS delivery fellow, who shakes in his boots every time he unloads a box with a few new holes in it, knowing it might not make the grade for sign-off. I don’t know what it is about the extra leg of the trip for packages to get onto the island, but a large percentage of them arrive worse for the wear by the time they’re ready to be put on the local truck. Too bad there isn’t a way for orders to just glide effortlessly across the water and land on my doorstep. Like these fellows, they could just honk when they arrive.

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