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Reflective, clearly.

This might appear to be nothing other than an old faded photo.
But to the contrary, it’s the utter clarity of shore rocks seen from under the water on the beach at Turn Point. And mostly everywhere else on San Juan Island, as far as I can tell. Even in the harbors, with all potential forms of muck and gunk and human interactions and creatures that grow and stick to anything they can glom onto, the water is this transparent. Walking on the docks is like a trip to the tide pools, but with better footing.

I leave early in the morning to spend a few days in my old home town on another island. A slightly bigger one known to most as Manhattan. Somehow, I doubt that the Hudson will offer these glimpses to the riverbed floor. But I’m willing to squint hard and look closely, with the hope of finding a different sort of clarity: the kind that comes when one’s past collides with one’s present, and a faded set of memories conjures a clearer view of purpose.
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