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There are so many hummingbirds here that I’m beginning to have a hard time keeping up with their demands. Like junkies, they buzz around looking for the next fix and harrass me when I dare to walk too close and invade their space. I am losing count of the number of times I’ve refilled the sugar water, and I’ve only been here two weeks. More artistic feeders, hooks and stands worthy of this inspired environment are on their way via ferry to my doorstep, but for now an old studio stool and traditional feeder suffice. The birds couldn’t care less about the decor and furnishings; this restaurant is apparently one of the most popular in the area. I’m keeping the paramedics number close at hand, as I dole out works to every thin pointy beak on the block and watch as they risk falling into little diabetic comas. For some like me, being a dealer has its responsibilities.