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Friday music.

Every day is a Friday here, in so many ways…. I shot this at nearly 8:00 pm at dinner outside overlooking the harbor. The western sun was so bright I actually had to keep my sunglasses on.
How Hollywood of me.

Light– the abundance of it, and, alternately, the lack of it– is a big thing up here. In the two weeks or so since I’ve settled on the island, I still haven’t gotten used to the short nights: it’s not fully dark until long after 10pm, and it begins to get light again around 3:30am. And we’re still weeks away from the longest day of the year. There’s so much to do each day that I work, as I always have, until 5 am, but then I find myself rising again three or four hours later. Each afternoon around 4 or 5pm, I crash for an hour, exhausted, then get up and start again. Charles calls this my “Alaska Brain” syndrome, triggered by almost endless light. I call it my “just moved in and need to get everything set up instantly despite the fact that it’s impossible” syndrome. We’re both right.

Tonight is one of those famous June blue moons, and as I type this I’m watching the orb arc slowly across the sky, filtered through the seaside forest that surrounds me. It is not blue; just bright white. Thanks to the 48 degree latitude, I can see this traveler just above eye level from my desk all night long, making its journey east to west. It better hurry, or the oncoming sun will collide with it.